Pet Grooming


Bathing and grooming play a vital role in your pet’s health, not only does it help maintain a healthy coat, but it also helps to remove dirt and odors from the pet’s skin and coat. Bathing your pet also facilitates with the removal of dead hair at shedding time, and improves the overall appearance of the coat. Frequent bathing is recommended to heal inflamed or infected skin and damaged hair. Additionally bathing can reduce the risk of possible allergies or other medical conditions.

Nail trimming is an important part of your pet’s regular hygiene routine. If your pet’s nails become long it is not only painful but sometimes can result in an infection or breakage.

Ear cleaning is also performed during all bathing and grooming services. Cleaning your dog’s ears is necessary to remove debris and prevent parasites and bacteria from building up in the ear canal.

A regular bathing and grooming routine should also include the excretion of your pet’s anal glands. Most dogs excrete their anal glands when they defecate, however some dogs are unsuccessful in doing so and require them to be manually emptied from a veterinary professional. Neglecting to excrete the glands can cause them to become infected or abscessed.

In addition to looking better regular professional bathing and grooming will improve your pet’s mental state and overall health, giving them a more positive attitude and mood.

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