Spaying/Neutering & Pet Surgery

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Whether it’s a spay, neuter, or orthopedic surgery veterinarians perform surgeries on animals for various reasons. Some of the most common surgeries performed by our Upland, CA veterinarians are:


Many pet owners chose to spay or neuter their pet to reduce pet overpopulation. Spaying or neutering your pets prevents animals from being born accidentally and will reduce their chance of facing future medical issues. After spaying or neutering your pet they will be at lower risk for certain types of cancer than unaltered animals. Naturally animals have the mate to urge with the opposite sex, after altering your companion they will be less distracted and more connected with your family.

Mass Removal:

A lump is an abnormal growth or mass that may appear on the skin surface or just below the skin. Lumps can be surgically removed, some are benign and others are malignant and are more likely to spread to other areas of the body. In order to determine if a mass is benign it must be surgically removed and biopsied by a laboratory. In certain situations additional medical treatment is necessary.